Tuesday 30 January 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tuesday

Mmm cookies

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my stand mixer yet? :) Here is an attempt at my famous chocolate chip cookies. There's something weird with the flour out here, or maybe it's the altitude difference. I notice it in cakes, I notice it in bread, and I notice it most in these cookies. Back east, these cookies would not rise, at all. They were no higher than the height of a chocolate chip. Out here on the west coast, they rise, every single time. And they don't stay soft and chewy for days like back east.. they go a little harder and crunchy.. eventually turning into a store bought completely crunchy cookie. Anyone with any suggestions.. much appreciated. :) I took a few pictures. They still taste right.. mmmm sooo good.


Sunday 28 January 2007

Sunday Marshmallows.. to go!

I made marshmallows for the first time last weekend, and they were fantastic. I'm never buying marshmallows again, home made taste sooo much better. The recipe is simple, but don't try it without a stand mixer.


Anyway, I made them again for a family dinner tonight.. maybe I'll cook up some old fashioned hot chocolate with them or something for the cousins. I can hardly wait for the summer to try these on smores. The whole process is documented with pictures.

Saturday 27 January 2007

Baking Begins with Bread


So, now that my oven is fixed (long story, ohh.. maybe I should write about it... basically it can be factored to: "Whirlpool customer service is terrible") I will be doing a lot of baking. Two days before my oven went kaput, on December 6th, Safeway put 10kg bags of Five Roses flour on sale (free plug: it's the only kind of flour I bake with!), 2 for 1. So I bought 2. NOW I finally get a chance to use 'em.

So, here we go.. the obligatory bread. Just like Grandma used to make.