Sunday 26 November 2006

JACK Audio with OSS

I have JACK.. and it works, except for 32bit apps, and any app that only has OSS support.. which unfortunately are the 32bit apps. However, I did manage to get OSS working in 64bit mode... an unlimited number of 64bit OSS apps can connect to my JACK server.

First, the way you do it is with a program called oss2jack ( It works by adding 2 components to the system. One is a kernel module that can create userland character devices on demand. The other is a program that acts as a JACK client, and bridges the userland character devices (/dev/dsp?) with the JACK server.

Unfortunate, life is never simple. And the latest fusd (the userland character device kernel module) doesn't work with the latest 2.6.19 kernels.. So, here is a patch: fusd-kor-1.10-11-linux-2.6.19.patch

The patch just uses the new kio system for vectored writes, instead of writev... and disables debugging, because I couldn't be bothered to figure out what the actual problem was.

So with the kernel module inserted (and after tweaking things so that I had permission as a user to modify /dev/fusd), I can create /dev/dsp? with oss2jack.. and applications happily connect and play through OSS.

Now, if only I could get that working for 32bit apps, like WINE, or TeamSpeak. *sigh*


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