Sunday 16 March 2008

Exiting a Bus - Episode 4 - A New Dope

I just don't understand the logical processes used by some people. Further, I don't understand how these people have avoided being eliminated from our society through some sort of accident of their own causing. But whatever.

Let's set the scene: It's a nice quiet day, I'm on a bus coming home from campus, the bus is rather empty. It's an extended "accordion" bus, 60 feet long, and plenty of seats available.

DING stop request, nothing unusual. I'm sitting at the front left of the bus, in the first set of seats facing forward, just minding my own business. The bus pulls up to the stop, stops, and opens the front doors just incase anyone at the stop wants to get on, but no one does. Then comes the "hiss" of the compressed air opening one of the rear doors, judging by the volume, the middle doors, evidentially someone is getting off, another successful bus stop. Those doors will hiss again in 5 seconds and we'll be on our way.

But before that happens, the excitement starts. About 2 seconds before the doors close, an asian lady (why is it always asian?) probably early 40s, sitting in the closest seat to the front of the bus (shown in blue in the diagram below), gets up and starts walking towards the back of the bus. I'm in the first set of forward facing seats so she quickly passes out of my vision. I just assumed she was going for an empty pair of forward facing seats.

Apparently Not.

It takes a good 10 seconds to walk the length of one of these buses. The doors have closed for a good 5 seconds and the driver is already pulling out into traffic. And then we hear it. "WAIT STOP I WANT TO GET OFF, DOORS DOORS!".

How to Exit A Bus

Naturally, we all turn around to see what the ruckus is about. Yup, it's that same lady. She walked from the front of the bus to the rear, and then attempted to exit by the rear doors. I admire her strictly obeying all those signs that say "Please Exit by the Rear Doors". But .. maybe a little common sense next time? Please? So let's review.. When sitting at the closest seat to the front of the bus, the only appropriate exit to use is the one furthest from you.


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