Friday 13 February 2009

Rogers sold my email address

One of the advantages of having my own domain name is that I can give out a different email address to every company that wants my email.  I use a pattern to generate these addresses, they're not one-word somethings that a spambot would guess.

Yesterday, I recieved an email from with links that point me back to to unsubscribe and view things.  They're advertising.. 30% off.. something... my email client doesn't load the remote images (also from so I can't see the majority of their email, but that's not the point.

The email was TO the email address that Rogers Canada (and only Rogers Canada) has for me.  So, a big thanks Rogers for selling my email address to spammers. I don't remember seeing "will sell your email address to spammers" in their privacy policy, but perhaps it has been updated and someone could point me to that clause?


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